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There is a in-depth discussion of this at if you want to jump straight into it. If not I will summarize below.

A decentralized education system could provide a powerful level of education to any individual and increase the opportunities offered as well. It would function by having every individual function as both an assessors and a student, participation in both aspects required for the other.

Assessment would be through a consensus system, calling multiple assessors with experience (as defined by their own assessments within the system) to assess. The result will be calculated taking into account the assessors previous accuracy/honesty and then their individual scores will be measured against it. A more accurate score will receive a greater reward in the form of tokens. These tokens allow the individuals to initiate assessments of themselves. They can also be committed to group learning contracts, to form a group of people committed to working with each other to learn a specific subject and eventually be assessed on it.

This generalized system can function in any level of education from high schools to universities, supported by different outside tools throughout, such as teachers or advisors in younger years, or institutions for research level topics.


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    I read with interest your article on 'A decentralised system for educational assessment'.

    I have been exploring some impact scenarios for distance learning using blockchain - or some other decentralised database/ledger system. Technology-enhanced learning (TeL) experts seem to be satisfied with MOOCs, but I think we are still letting students down with centralised approach and could offer much more. The one downside with peer-to-peer is that prisoners - a big community in mature learners - are denied access to online activities in the UK which means all online delivery methods must have an offline option.

    I was curious to know how you are progressing and if you had been able to gather feedback?

    best wishes
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    I've been working towards getting some sort of demo working in Solidity. Its slow going though since I'm not a paticularly effecient coder.

    In terms of feedback I haven't received much criticism of the system lately, but there has been a slow but significant amount of interest.
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    I am at the stage of writing scenarios, and aiming to convince skeptical academics of the merits of peer-to-peer. I am invited to provide evidence of the benefit a decentralised database has over a centralised one - not too hard IMO. A significant breakthrough in terms of writing for a journal was hinted at yesterday - so I am still optimistic.
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    hi, i am an electronics and mechanical engineering lecturer. problems with my employer faling to keep accurate central records led me to consider how decentralised tech could improve our methods. i'm very interested in seeing the progress of your prject and contributing where i can. i'll read up on the link you posted but do let me know if there are other ways to view progress/contribute/discuss. cheers.
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    ignore that! i'll join you at the places you list in your link :)
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