Ethereum workshop in Montreal, Canada

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Saturday October 17th at 1:00PM
Hosted at Sensorica OVN
5795, avenue De Gaspé, Suite 126, Montréal, QC (map)
If you are wondering where to even start with ethereum or better yet, if you have ANY experience at all with the ethereum dev tools, then please come share what you know. Sensorica is providing the space for this meetup and wishes to offer the space for future events.


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    edited October 2015

    Great Meetup in montreal. This was the first time the group met at Sensorica, which looks to be the venue for future events. There were 19 physical and 3 virtual attendees including 2 from vancouver!
    The focus shifted from the agenda of being a workshop since there were a lot of first timers and others with non technical interest. The meetup was well documented, you can read and comment here. We also filmed the entire session and even though it is unedited and a pain to watch there were many spirited discussions. You can watch it here.
    Great meetup and great people with great minds, really looking forward to next week!
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    Event number 4 is this Saturday.
    We will continue with our workshop adding complexity to the model. So far we have a box and code model that potentially replicates the building blocks of swarm. Keep in mind as we talk more about current-see (flow not present)
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