How do you keep your PSU cool?

farwarefarware Member Posts: 116
My PSUs are too hot and now drain more energy. Any ideas? It's getting to the point where that really matters. My cards are doing fine because I have decent fans installed (5 in a row) but the PSUs are really hot.

My windows are open at all times and outside it's very cool so that is helping but wont offset the heat generated by the small farm of rigs.


  • MrYukonCMrYukonC Member Posts: 627 ✭✭✭
    I don't think it should be a problem unless there is something wrong with the PSUs.

    What is your indoor ambient temperature? Mine is usually 72F - 78F and all of my PSUs seem about average in terms of their temps when feeling them with my hand. All of their fans are running and blowing only cool-to-warm air at most. None of them are blowing what I would call "hot" air.

    Are your PSU's fans running?
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