Review of Ethereum Web Wallet And Basic Steps to get you started (Noob Freindly)

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Hello Guys,
Today i will Review the best online wallet for Ethereum which is ETH Web Wallet Which is just launched Previous month..and here i am sharing my personal experience(review) with this wallet and also the steps to get you started on how to register,recieve,send,and also secure your Eth Web Wallet :)
Ok So i found this wallet is pretty simple and really noob friendly(or grandma friendly) and also best for advanced users.The best thing i liked about this ETH Web Wallet is the Security.In terms of security,it's the most secured wallet(will come to that part later on in this post).
It's the Open Source Project and i am much impressed with the UI(it's so simple)..No more Complications

Here are some of the best and Unique Features of this web Wallet

*Your password is never sent to the server. What the server does save, it your AES encrypted wallet (You don't have to worry abour your password being seen by 3rd party)
*When you signup for ETH web Wallet,What you basically get is a Web Wallet which is entirely is in your possession. That means that you are the only one having the private keys to your ethereum addresses.
*A copy of your wallet is stored on the webserver AES-encoded with your password that also at no time is transmitted to ETH web wallet server.So even when if thier server get compromised(very unlikely), your coins are at no time in danger :)
*You can use 2-step Authentication to further increase the security of your Wallet like Google Authenticator,Mobile Phone
*You can Create Unlimited Number of accounts withing the same account(all derived using BIP0039 techniques from the mnemonic secret of your wallet)
*For an additional security measure you may export your 12 word mnemonic seed, so even if you lose your password you can recover your funds.(This is the best feature i personally liked :) )..Also here, the mnemonic is never transmitted to the server.
*The web client works just like any other offline Ethereum client.

Steps To Get Started With ETH Web Wallet

1.Go to will see the page as shown in the image below

2.Click on "Create a Wallet".
3.On the next page enter Your Email,Password(make sure you use atleast 10 character password for better security) and then Click on "Continue"

4.Visit Your Email Address and Check for Confirmation Email and Click on the confirmation link in the email
5.Now Login in your Account with your details and you will see the following Screen

6.Click on "Get Started" and you will be taken to the dashboard
7.Now Registration and Login Part is Completed

Steps To Recieve and Send Ethereum
1.To Recieve ETH,Click On "Recieve" Button on The Dashboard and you will see the following Screen..

As you can see,The Address written below your Etherium Address in your account will be your address to receive ETH..You just have to use this address to recieve ETH from others

2.To Send ETH,Click on "Send" Button on The Dashboard and you will see the following Screen..

Here Just enter the amount you want to send and the Etherium address at which you want to send and click on "Next Step"

Steps to increase Security of Your ETH Web Wallet
1. Head over to Security Tab and look for "Enable Two Step" as shown in the image

Click on "Enable" and then you have to use "Google Authenticator"
2.For More Security you should Backup Your "Recovery Phase"..To do that head over to "Settings"

Also Make sure to note down your wallet identifier which is used to login to ETH Web Wallet..To See your Wallet Identifier Just Head Over To "Settings" -> "My Wallet"

That's it for now Guys
Please Comment for any questions
Thank You

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