Registrar Questions - after reserving a name/token

I am encountering two questions when registering a name with registrar:

1: Is the send transaction part mandatory or optional? After doing the reserve registrar.owner(name) already returns my address.

2: How to list the name(s) that i have registered?

3: Am I right there is no expiry at all?

Thanks for info


  • JohnDoJohnDo Member Posts: 2
    Got some more info meanwhile;
    To send a name to someone else for that address then owns it:
    registrar.setAddress.sendTransaction(Your_Name, to.address, true,{from: eth.accounts[0]});

    To list all names something about this shall work:
    registrar.allEvents with fromBlock and toBlock as params

    still 1 and 3 are open as questions
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