Solidity has been added to the Meteor build process (.sol now compile into .js files)

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So I wanted to add Solidity (.sol) files into the Meteor build process. This way I can code in Solidity in a Meteor project just like I code in .less or .js files. Solidity contracts will be compiled into globally accessible contract factories using the web3.eth.contract method. Error handling will be done in the Meteor console or browser.


meteor add silentcicero:solc

A Note on Selection:
Currently, the file name is used as the contract selector, so if a file contains multiple contracts, the file name will be used to select the main contract object that will be built down into a global web3.eth.contract object. So if your contract is "NameReg" than your file name should be "NameReg.sol". This file name selector design is temporary and will be phased out when better design can be developed with the MeteorJS build system.

All the best, SC

*A special thanks to @chriseth and @d11e9's npm solc compiler. Previous modules have been designed like this for Meteor, but not with the standalone JS solc compiler.
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