How to create private seed nodes.

Hi. I am trying to build a completely private Ethereum setup for devtest. Right now I'm using geth 1.2.2. I have no problem creating a genesis block, miners, manual peers, etc... The challenge is that I want to test at scale (1000s) and having to continue to use --nodiscover and manually adding peers does not scale.

If I setup my first node with --bootnodes=none, it still joins the public network. I use both --nodiscover and --bootnodes=none--good not on public network. The rest of the nodes use --bootnodes and point to my first node. However I get the follow output:

table.go:336] no seed nodes found

Using --networkid on the public Ethereum network is not an option, it takes too long to eventually find my miners, get their blocks and do my tests.

AFAIK, I need to create my own seed nodes for my own private testing. I just started digging through the code.

So, how do I do this?



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