Windows 10 slows GPU mining a lot.

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I had 17MHs on Win 8. After upgrading to Windows 10 I only have 11MHs max.

Is there a way to fix it? Installing all the latest NVIDIA drivers does not help.


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    This happens on all NVidia cards, with thresholds varying per GPU and OS used.

    Better sidestep to Linux for ETH mining on CUDA. The cause for this behaviour likely is TLB (translation lookaside buffer) trashing. For unconfirmed reasons, higher Windows versions tend to have a worsening effect on this. Possibly a 4kB page size restriction.

    What's even worse, the slowdown increases exponentially with the linear growing DAG. So it could be that your speed on win 8 and 10 are actually the same, but there was a significant pause between mining on the two OSes.
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