Nanopool - wavering

estebanesteban Member Posts: 19
Why is there so much difference of hashrate from hour on hour on my rig ? Sometimes, it spikes to 90 Mh/s for some times and then 0 Mh/s for a few minutes. How can I stabilize that ?


  • MrYukonCMrYukonC Member Posts: 627 ✭✭✭
    You can't. Most pools are like that. It should average out to something a fair percentage lower than your actual hashrate. Which is why many people advocate solo mining -- that way you don't pay the penalty for pool inefficiencies.
  • estebanesteban Member Posts: 19
    Thanks, my other computer is solo mining and it's working fine but the other computer, with only one R9 390 card was not able to produce for 9 days so I switched to pool for this one....I was wondering for the waves in hashrate.
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