Coinotron - Stratum mining available using mining proxy and standard ethminer

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[b]NEW !!! [/b]

We added support for Stratum in our Ethereum pool. It substantially increases mining earnings.
Mining instructions are available here: [url][/url]
For first few weeks Eth Stratum pool will support only PPLNS.

Please use ethminer and mining_proxy: [url][/url]

mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3344
ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200 -G -F
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    I have problem with starting mining using mining proxy and ehtminer.

    I was copy the mining proxy.exe file in ethminer folder and create *.bat file with this command:
    mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3344

    Than, i was create one more *.bat file with these command:
    ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200 -G -F

    For workername and workerpassword I using data from my coinotron account and from worker which I was create for mining ethereum, but I receive error when I start ethminer.

    I see that the problem is the bad credentials of my worker but I was checked all information in *.bat files and everything is correct. Can you help with this problem?
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    Is your mining_proxy.exe working fine i.e. every time network solves a block proxy should display message like that:
    2015-10-22 22:58:08,426 INFO proxy client_service.handle_event # New job 19707 for hexHeaderHash 0xcd78ae2d448f0f58bb0a78e1d66d50a8177276e325f6803e4c8d6fa88ac28800, clean_jobs=True

    Please provide me with version of ethminer and your both *.bat files (send them to [email protected])
    It will be faster when I check them in my environment.
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    You can also collect more information by running mining_proxy with detailed log:

    - go to folder where you put mining_proxy.exe
    - create folder log
    - start proxy using this command:
    mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3344 -l mining_proxy.log -v
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    Yes mining_proxy.exe working fine until I start ethminer. Then i recive error on both, mining_proxy.exe and ethminer. I use version of ethminer.

    Screenshot of version ethminer and proof of correctly work of mining proxy. I hope that is correct work of mining proxy.

    Errors when i start ethminer.

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    Thanks for detailed info.
    You started miner like this:
    ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200 -G -F

    That last "/" caused worker authorization issues. Please remove it.
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    I am so sorry! I have edited previous version of my miner bat file and really I did not registered that the last "/" is excess :(
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    After 10 days of running, our Ethereum stratum pool is used by 35% of Ethereum miners.
    We encourage all to switch to stratum. It is 5-10% more profitable than standard getwork and uses far less bandwidth.
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