Up-to-date ethereum.org

alik1006alik1006 Member Posts: 2
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anybody is concerned about keeping information on the official web site up-to-date.
Just started looking into it and already found two issues:

1. The very first instruction on ETH installation fails because it contains incorrect link i.e. https://build.ethdev.com/builds/Windows C++ develop branch/Ethereum (++)-win64-latest.exe simply does not exist. It looks like the file was renamed to Ethereum-win64-latest.exe.
2. There is "learn more on C++ wiki". However, when you follow the link, you get "cpp-ethereum is a dead repository". Does it make sense to keep such link at all on the web site?

I would also recommend adding "report an issue" button to communicate and track this kind of information.


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