Does anyone know if Bithalo and SmartContract will compete with Ethereum's system? Have any opinions about those two services?


  • roz303roz303 Member Posts: 66
    Like hell it can! is far from decentralized- you have to contact them for any custom contracts. Furthermore, you pay them to do it, whereas in Ethereum, you can create everything yourself and deploy it for next to nothing. What about transparency? How are contracts created, implemented, and executed? How much are they? It really just seems like another shady bitcoin scam to me, in all honesty. I'd much rather go to Ethereum for any sort of smart contract business.
  • BruceSwansonBruceSwanson Los AngelesMember Posts: 7
    Probably the best test of a third-party provider is whether it uses its own smart-contracts to collect the fees from its customers; and that it collects those fees only after the contracts it writes have successfully completed on their own terms.

    Come to think of it, traditional honor-system agreements between individuals could also be posted, as part of a smart-contract itself, on each of the participants' social-media sites -- public reputation as enforcer and an adequate social-media rating as collateral ( should have thought of that).

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