Version 0.1.5 plus more fun with browser-solidity

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Version 0.1.5 of Solidity was just released.
Changes include:

* Breaking change in storage encoding: Encode short byte arrays and strings together with their length in storage.
* Report warnings.
* Allow storage reference types for public library functions.
* Access to types declared in other contracts and libraries via `.`.
* Version stamp at beginning of runtime bytecode of libraries.
* Bugfix: Problem with initialized string state variables and dynamic data in constructor.
* Bugfix: Resolve dependencies concerning `new` automatically.
* Bugfix: Allow four indexed arguments for anonymous events.
* Bugfix: Detect too large integer constants in functions that accept arbitrary parameters.

Furthermore, @d11e9 contributed "universal-dapp" to browser-solidity which means that you can now choose to either simulate function calls in memory or send transactions directly from browser-solidity via an ethereum node on localhost. This is also useful if you want to inspect a contract that is already on the blockchain (using only constant functions): You can either deploy a contract or tell the runtime at which address it can be found.

Note that sending transaction currently does not work with alethzero, but it should work with the commandline clients and unlocked accounts.

e fun!
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