The coins I bought from the pre-sale are not in my json wallet

gs02xzzgs02xzz Member Posts: 10

The coins I bought from the Ether pre-sale are not in my json wallet. When I purchased the coins during the pre-sale, I made the btc payment and got an address. But I was not able to download my wallet during the buying process for some reasons.

I contacted the help desk regarding my problem of not getting the wallet. The help desk emailed me back and gave me an instruction to ask me to re-register and try to download the wallet again (I saved all the email exchanges). I followed the instruction and got the wallet which has a different address than the first one.

The help desk asked me to send the wallet I downloaded in the second time back to them and promise to assign my coins to the second address instead of the first one.

After so many months I have forgot the difference between my first address and my wallet. After Ether distributed the coins, I checked my first address and saw my coins were there. I even sent two testing transactions to it to test the prefix of 0x. But only recently when I tried to upload my wallet onto the online client I found that there was no coin in it and realized and they sent my coins to the wrong address.

I have contacted the help desk three times and have not heard anything back. Are they still operating the help desk? Have tried the [email protected] and the forum mod. No answers from them either. How do I get some help?


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