Which of these GPUs should I cram into my mobo?

IncludeBeerIncludeBeer Member Posts: 8
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I'm running a gtx980 but have 3 other PCI slots I can use. Except while I'm gaming myself (my gaming PC is my miner), I'll be using all 4 gpus to mine with.

Do you think it's plausible to put in 3 gtx 950's? 3 gtx 960's? I'd probably go with 3 gtx 750ti but ethminer has that windows issue causing it to mine slow, and I'd rather not have to partition off a chunk of HDD to install Ubuntu just for gpu mining (does it still exist under Windows 10 btw?)

Any advice is welcome! If needed I can provide build specs.

Edit: mobo is Rampage V Extreme


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