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Hello Ethereum community,

Ethcloud is a startup company which focus upon delivering Ethereum cloud mining service.
We believe ethereum is the future of decentralised world.
Our mission is to facilitate a profitable mining opportunity to one and all and become Hashnest/Ghash of ethereum mining.
But alone is a difficult task so we need your support to grow at large.

Currently,we are in crowd funding stage which will run till the mid of October,when we will start rolling our services to the reserved users.
That means,reserved users will start generating coins from Day 1 when the service goes live.New users may have a different price and may not have one or two products.
Everything will be transparent including the crownfund Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets.

Our packages and pricing are discussed below-

We offer on demand mining with small packets of hashing power called Ethereum Hashing Units or EHU for a low as $1.
1 EHU is equal to $0.044/MH/day.It means if u buy $1 worth of EHU u would get approx 23 days of 1 MHs hashing.

In Essential package,we offer 1 MHs of hashing power for lifetime.By lifetime specifically we mean that
even if ethereum mining becomes non-feasible down the line we will project towards mining other coins similar to ethereum codebase like - Shift,EXP,SOIL,LIQUID etc..

The Prospective package is the package where u already have an ROI given the fact that u will already own a AMD R9 280x GPU in your dashboard and can be requested to be sent to you anytime.
You can use your purchased hardware in our facilty to mine coins for as long as u wish.Later on we may add options to use your own hardware to mine in our facility.

We are working on developing a ethereum mining pool of our own and will try to implement proxy mining as well.

Realistic time to start rolling our services to the reserved users will be around mid of october.

Payments are processed by is accepted.We are working on mode of payment by ether.

Kindly visit our website: for more info and reservation.

Official twitter :

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