How do I move my downloaded (by Geth) blockchain to a USB if I want to swich OSs?

From Ubuntu 14.04.1 to a USB?

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  • ssstandssstand Member Posts: 30
    You should find a directory "keystore" under ~/.ethereum/,
    copy that file ( that's your encrypted private key of the your eth account)
    and paste it to the new OS created ~/.ethereum/keystore.

    then set it as the etherbase in the new installed geth with same
    key address, use your passphere to unlock the account.
  • panpan Member Posts: 27
    Thanks. Is it supposed to download only one block at a time?
  • jeffanthonyjeffanthony Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, USAMember Posts: 11
    thats actually an incorrect solution, keystore is your accounts, not the blockchain. However if youre to the point of syncing one block at a time you should be golden
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