I'd like to get an idea as to how much I would have to pay a dev (ballpark) to implement this

NginUSNginUS Member Posts: 5
I have a job board site (no link- it's in an embarrassing state at the moment), and I'd like its niche to be cryptos, smart contracts, & distributed computing.

I'm under the impression that if it only accepts ETH, I would be able to build a smart contract based backend which pays a percentage of the revenue generated by the pertinent job posting to the job seeker who wins the job. I'm also thinking that if the winning job seeker doesn't want their winnings in ETH, that there would be a way to instantly convert via something like Shapeshift into the desired currency. Payments would be higher in ETH, to minimize the need for such a thing, or maybe not since once its built its in place anyway, so maybe that wouldn't be necessary.

I don't have much money & am relying on services like Fiverr to get logos & minor website changes done. I would hope that this aspect wouldn't require that I save money for a long time. Maybe someone who believes in the project would work for equity.

I have no idea what such things would involve & am relying on people here who are smarter than me to provide direction & feedback. Thank you in advance for your participation.



  • JeffreyBPetersenJeffreyBPetersen Santa Cruz, CaliforniaMember Posts: 5
    Are you looking for someone to write the smart contracts, the full backend, somewhere in between?

    What features would you want supported in the smart contracts? Payments plans? Escrow? Work auditing? Something else entirely?

    I'm assuming the site would by default handle all direct interaction with the smart contract unless a user requests otherwise?

    I don't believe there are any mature exchange services within Ethereum yet that could be used for shapeshift style functionality within the smart contracts, but shapeshift could work nicely whenever a user is managing their payment through the site and not directly interacting with the smart contract on their own.
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