How to update properly?

Hi guys
im kind of new to the command line interface and installing things with it but i managed to get Eth running and mining on Windows.
So now everything works and runs smoothly but i guess i have to update Eth on a regular basis for safety and network reasons.
But im not sure how to do this properly without loosing any ether that have already been mined.

Do i just save the key files in ~/.ethereum/keystore directories and install Eth again and then copy them back?
Or is there some kind of update-command ?

Couldnt find any information about that so far.. so any help is appreciated :)

My Setup:
Windows 8.1
GPU-mining with R9 280triX
im using eth.exe with ethconsole.exe and ethminer.exe
i installed it with this command from the ethereum-homepage:
bitsadmin /transfer cpp-ethereum " C++ develop branch/Ethereum (++)-win64-latest.exe" %temp%\eth++.exe & %temp%\eth++.exe

Greetings Carl


  • CarlWillhelmCarlWillhelm Member Posts: 20
    some help would be very appreciated..
  • gcolbourngcolbourn Member Posts: 48
    Bump! I've seen a few posts saying people need to update for this or that reason, but I can't find any instructions for updating eth! (I installed on Ubuntu using these instructions:
  • CarlWillhelmCarlWillhelm Member Posts: 20
    edited September 2015
    so far i figured out that you should definitely backup and safe the following folders:
    - C:\Users\"yourusername"\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum (here seems to be the blockchain and some files related to ?what keys?)
    - C:\Users\"yourusername"\AppData\Roaming\Web3 (storage of your private keys?)

    Since im not sure what im doing here and dont want to loose my mined ether i did a test on a different computer -->

    - i installed the newest ethereum cpp by downloading the latest .exe from here: C++ master branch/
    - copied those two folders from the mining-machine in the same position on the new computer
    - started a command prompt and used the following there: eth --frontier --network-id 1 -b -i (used successfully my password that i set up on the mining rig here on the new computer)
    - started a second command prompt: ethconsole
    - in the ethconsole i wanted to confirm that all my accounts and adresses are there so i used: web3.eth.accounts

    but only one address that i dont have on my mining rig is displayed here...
    how do i get the adresses and balances that i wanted to transfer displayed here?

    should be a similar procedure, here are paths to the directories for different OS

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