Want to get started with Ethereum, but no sure which implementation to go with (eth vs. geth)

I'm looking into getting started with Ethereum, but I'm not really sure which implementation I should use. I'm working off of command line Ubuntu 14.04 lts with no ability for GUI (currently). I'm not sure if one of the two implementations, eth or geth, is GUI based. I do get the one is based on GO and the other on C++. If this is the only difference, then it really shouldn't make too much of difference which one I install. So my question is, which on of the two implementations will work in a solely command line linux environment.


  • ledgerwatchledgerwatch Member Posts: 57
    Both will work, but GO version is considered to be more conservative and C++ - more experimental. Also, I found that GO version logs are a bit easier to understand at the moment. So I would recommend Go version to start with
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