Imaginative representation of a network of blockchains


  • Michael_AMichael_A LondonMember Posts: 61
    As a strong supporter of the Ethereum project and the blockchain technology, I believe Ethereum will enable the actual eco-system to reach his next level of development.

    I have used my imagination to create a funny and simple animation to represent a network of blockchains and what it could look like if and when different blockchains will interact each other (through Atomic transaction, Cross-chain message passing, Sidechain, peg chain, API, parallel chain, wormhole :smile: ....)

    This is an inaccurate vision and do not represent the reality of the entire eco-system but I hope it will stimulate ( one day? ) the imagination of others readers of this blog, create debate, trolling and creative criticism around this subject :)

    Here is a little explanation based on my interpretation but every-body else can have their own ;)

    The ex for Ethereum is based on Vitalik Buretin vision

    Are going to leave in a world of permanent Web ? of Complex System of Decentralised Computer ?
    Can we start talking of Network of Blockchains?

    What do guys think?
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