Mining a particular transaction in a Private Network


Currently I am deploying contracts in a private network and every time I deploy a contract, I get a Tx hash.

As it is a Private network, this transaction has to be mined (I guess) by myself before my contract completes full deployment,

Can someone point me how to mine this particular transaction alone?



  • SmithgiftSmithgift Member Posts: 64
    It doesn't cost any more to mine a thousand transactions as it does one, so you can just mine normally.

    You can use miner.start() in the geth JS console to start the (CPU?) miner. If you're the only one on the network, it doesn't matter how fast you are.
  • meetreksmeetreks Member Posts: 59
    @Smithgift , I have been using miner.start() to build by balance of test ethers. Mine is a private network meaning I am the only one in the network. So the query I am asking is this -- in the live network the mining speed is pretty good so I would have got a message saying address mined.

    In the Private Network, I get a message to say Tx.... has been deployed and is waiting to be mined.

    So I am asking this forum, how I can mine this particular transaction and then check how my contract behaves +++ send transactions to my contract and see if it moves stages.
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