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hey guys wondering if anyone can help me. I am having real problems sending from my ETH account to my Bittrex account (HEX address). I have tried lots of different ways and variations but can't get the transaction to work (Stupidly lost 31 ETH trying). according to the Bittrex site this is the code i should use:

"from": "{Your wallet address}",
to: "{your bitter hex address}",
web3.toWei( {1} , ether)

however I have tried that and a few variations and keep getting errors. If i just copy and paste with my correct info I get a syntax error at the : in front of the from.

Is there anyone out there more adept with coding that can help me? Ian pulling my hair out having quite a lot of ETH locked away somewhere that I can see but can't seem to send anywhere.

extra details (Mac OS X Yosemite, using Terminal, using the eth package installer instead of geth). I do also have get installed though

A big thanks! in advance to anyone that can help me :)


  • tuppydogtuppydog Member Posts: 26
    Same Question here...
  • tayvanotayvano LAMember Posts: 20
    We built to help avoid the command line for those who aren't as command line adept. I recommend you give it a try.

    @tuppydog - you too.
  • tuppydogtuppydog Member Posts: 26
    Thank you Tayvano, I just bookmarked this when I was searching today, and came here, thank you!!!
  • tuppydogtuppydog Member Posts: 26
    Ok, I tried it, but I still can't get to my Ether address to send funds out. I've tried using the command ethkey.exe --list and it listed characters etc, but when I try to put this into your program under "send transaction", nothing happens, and nothing gets generated. Note, I don't have a presale wallet, I have been mining for probably 2 weeks, and I just want to be able to send it out, any other ideas?
  • kvhnukekvhnuke Member Posts: 15
    goto ~/Library/Ethereum in your mac and you should see a folder called, keystore and inside that you'll see all your current accounts (if you just have one it should show you one file). goto and select upload your wallet file, then browse and select the file inside your keystore folder. Now the website will prompt you for a password. type in the password you used when you generated your account. click decrypt and you are good to go now you can transfer your ether to anywhere you like :smile:
  • tayvanotayvano LAMember Posts: 20
    @tuppydog You don't need your address to send funds out. You need the private key of the account you want to send from (the one you've been mining with?) and the address of the wallet you want to send to.
  • tuppydogtuppydog Member Posts: 26
    I understand that I don't need my address to send out, I just need to know how to get the private key of the account I want to send from in Ethereum. What is that command? I have created the wallet I want to send to on your website, which is great! It's just I can't get the funds out of this clunky program. So #1, I have an address I've been mining to in Ethereum. #2, How do I get the correct private key from this in Ethereum? Thank you for any suggestions!....
  • tuppydogtuppydog Member Posts: 26
    I'm on a windows machine Also, which may change things
  • kvhnukekvhnuke Member Posts: 15
    hi in windows you keystore folder will be located at %APPDATA%/Ethereum copy paste that to your address bar on a folder windows and it'll open up the ethereum folder. rest of the instructions are similar to my previous post
  • tuppydogtuppydog Member Posts: 26
    Actually, I think I finally got this to work, although I did a different way kvhnuke. I will post tomorrow how I did this tayvano. I left my paperwork at work, and I'll report back tomorrow on it, thanks everyone for the great help...!
  • tayvanotayvano LAMember Posts: 20
    @tuppydog Definitely post how you fixed it for any future people who may google / stumble upon this thread. I'm super glad it's worked out for you though! Yay!
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