How does tokenized ownership work for physical items?

jdvsjdvs Member Posts: 1
Scenario 1
A barrel of wine that is worth $100, represented by 10 wine tokens, is created and stored on the ethereum network. Alice owns 90% of the barrel(9 wine tokens) and Bob owns 10%(1 wine token). Carol wants to physically own the barrel and is willing to purchase the barrel for $100, but she only has USD. How does Carol purchase the barrel?

Scenario 2
A wine manufacturer (Party A) gives company (Party B ) a barrel of wine to sell with an agreement that Party A gets 50% of the sale and Party B gets 50% as well. Party B creates tokens which represent the barrel. Party C comes along to purchase the barrel, but like Carol in the previous example, only has USD to spend. How do Party B and Party C transact?

What are all the ways ownership of an asset may be represented forever on a blockchain? In Scenario 2, e.g., would it be possible for Party B and Party C to transact on the blockchain without Party C needing ether? If Party C is able to purchase the asset without ether, how can this asset still be represented on the blockchain in the future?


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