Multiple nodes using the same account

Anything adverse that from importing a key/account and running in parallel on multiple mining nodes?


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    No problem at all.
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    I have

    No problem at all.

    I can confirm that it is not a problem as I've done it on several mining machines.

    When running eth in mining mode, is it also doing regular eth node "things" in the background? Or is it strictly mining?

    Should I run at least 1 non-mining eth instance in parallel on one of my mining rigs or would that be redundant? I'm just trying to reduce multiple machines behind the firewall from duplicating work that can be handled by a single node.

    Also, if I run a non-mining eth instance, can I point my mining eth instances to it with the "--remote" flag? Is that what "--remote" is used for?
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    Yes, I've been mining like this from day 2 (missed day 1 :D).

    You get all your "rewards" going to the shared address. One thing people need to understand is that there is no "coin" to "have" it's all just what's written on the ledger.

    In this case you have multiple miners doing the work and when they get the block they just write the same address in the miner field. Thus the funds end up in the right account.

    No need for any extras unless you want to experiment or something and need the miners left alone.
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