incorect password

tomlondontomlondon Member Posts: 31
I'm trying to import my presale wallet into kraken but it keeps saying the password is wrong.

When i try to import it using the command line it says:

Fatal: Could not create the account: decrypted addr not equal to expected addr %!(EXTRA string=9cce34f7ab185c7aba1b7c8140d620b4bda941d6, string=5dd53ae897526b167d39f1744ef7c3da5b37a293)
[email protected]:~$

I have another wallet that shows a balance when i check it on the ethereum web site but when I upload it to kraken it shows 0.00 balance .

In have tried to up load it on the command line but the check balance command doesn't work.

I used the exact same password for 3 different wallets.

Can someone help?


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