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Is it normal, that If I download the I receive 1.01 instead of 1.02 ?

Below the latest 6 files at Go master branch/ 5M [application/zip] 5M [application/zip] 5M [application/zip] 5M [application/zip] 5M [application/zip] 5M [application/zip]

As you can see, 1.0.1 is most recent then 1.0.2 ?


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    Yes, this is normal. You're on windows so the chocolatey package version is Geth Stable and it's pulling from download/v1.0.1.2/

    This is due to a regrettable 'feature' of the build servers which required the devs to version update in order to force the builders to build.
  • corsarocorsaro Member Posts: 28

    So if I use, is it fixed for the most recent security issue ?
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