Security alert [consensus issue]

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This is now fixed
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This issue only affected geth users (or geth users in combination with ethminer). If you are using Geth, please update now.

To update:

If using the PPA: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade
If using brew: brew update then brew reinstall ethereum
If using a windows binary: download the updated binary.
If you are building from source: git pull followed by make geth (you need to be on the Master branch)

The correct version for this update on Ubuntu AND OSX is Geth/v1.0.2-4591ae56 and v1.0.2-a0303f (both are fine)

On windows, the latest chocolatey package version is Geth Stable and it's pulling from download/v1.0.1.2/ (this is normal)

Note, if you are getting:
I0820 19:00:53.368852    4539 chain_manager.go:776] Bad block #116522 (05bef30ef572270f654746da22639a7a0c97dd97a7050b9e252391996aaeb689)
I0820 19:00:53.368891    4539 chain_manager.go:777] Found known bad hash in chain 05bef30ef572270f654746da22639a7a0c97dd97a7050b9e
.. after updating this is NORMAL and will resolve itself once your peers have updated their clients, too.

UPDATE 10:52 BST: We have released a new update on the state of the network post consensus failure and expectations on chain reorganization depth (now 750 blocks)


This alert is related to a consensus issue that occurred on the Frontier network at block 116,522, mined on 2015-08-20 at 14:59:16+02:00

Impact: High

Issue description: Edge case in the Go implementation of the consensus protocol for contract suicides

Affected implementations: All implementations of Geth (Go). Eth (C++) and pyethereum (Python) are unaffected

Effects on expected chain reorganisation depth: Increase waiting time for eventual block confirmation to 12 hours

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