Sending ETH to my presale address is OK?

haroldharold Member Posts: 10
Is sending ETH to my presale address OK? I have not imported my presale .json file into geth or anything and am simply using the address in the file name (adding 0x to the front) to send coin from Poloniex. Looking at the blockexplorer everything appears OK and I can see under received transactions the Genesis block tx and the tx's from Poloniex since.

Could somebody confirm what I'm doing is fine and that I wont lose funds when I eventually import the json file. Thanks

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  • KenKKenK Posts: 44 admin
    Accepted Answer
    Your pre-sale account is exactly the same as any other account - which means you can treat it as such.

    However, it would be wise of you to check that you are able to import your wallet (and can remember your password) before you transfer any more ether.


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