Arbitrary length strings?

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I am currently trying to write a contract that will be storing some simple messages. I didn't want the message length to be limited, so I figured I would put it as:
contract Contract{
	struct owner {
		address ownerAddress;
		string message;
However, I got an error of "Error: Unable to convert elementary typename string to type." while typing this in Mix. If I replace "string" with "string32", the contract appears to compile just fine. Is there some way around this limit on strings if I want to store longer messages than 32 characters?
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    Latest develop has "bytes", "bytes1" to "bytes32" and "string", while the latter was only re-introduced this week. The difference between "bytes" and "string" is that strings are assumed to be utf-8 encoded while "bytes" is binary data. You cannot yet access individual characters in (or determine the length of) a string, as this would require to traverse the whole string up to that point and interpret the utf-8 code points.
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    @ThePiachu did you find a good solution?
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