Getting mining status using the eth client (and a few other questions)

To experiment with Ethereum, I set up a fresh Ubuntu 15.04 installation on one of my machines. It has a Nvidia GTX 770 GPU, so I decided to go for eth instead of geth (built in GPU mining). Benchmark returns about 7MH.

I proceeded to create an account according to

It seems to start successfully, between tons of p2p message I'm getting gpuminer0 workLoop 1 #00000000 ... #00000000. After a night of mining, my account balance is still 0. How can I verify that the miner is actually generating any progress?

Did noticed something odd: Upon starting eth, I noticed that it reads out three keys from ~/.web3/keys/.

web3.eth.accounts[0] returns: 0x6983ce97104108c2052af37be7d1b211947f8ca9 (there is only 1 account in the array)
web3.eth.coinbase returns: 95a434cb3b5bc7d1aed304cf3bb00bc448732e8e

Is this correct? I thought that coinbase should point to the same UUID as the account UUID?

Some other notes:

1) Generation of the genesis.json file failed for me. Got a few 'API does not respond' errors and then a Python stack trace. I used a pregenerated genesis.json.
2) I noticed a few mistakes in the documentation, which could confuse newbies. Where should I report these?


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