Unexpected end of JSON input

Has anyone else had this problem?

When I run

python2 ./mk_genesis_block.py --extradata 0x11bbe8db4e347b4e8c937c1c8370e4b5ed33adb3db69cbdb7a38e1e50b1b82fa

in the go-ethereum directory and then attempt to load the json file using

build/bin/geth --genesis /path/to/file

It returns "Fatal: unexpected end of JSON input

I have no idea what's causing this.


  • artifarceartifarce Member Posts: 1
    My skill level: novice. I'm having a very similar problem. It goes something like this:

    :~/go-ethereum$ python mk_genesis_block.py

    :~/go-ethereum$ ./build/bin/geth --genesis genesis_block.json

    :~/go-ethereum$ ./build/bin/geth --genesis genesis_block.json
    I0803 22:19:59.757783 23223 backend.go:289] Protocol Versions: [61 60], Network Id: 1
    Fatal: unexpected end of JSON input

  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    edited August 2015
    Check the contents of your genesis file, they should be identical to http://jev.io/genesis_block.json. If they aren't, please post the faulty genesis file into a pastebin.com so we can have a look. Cheers!
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