A tool for collective scientific research? Medical Records?

I was thinking, and seeking input on the thought of creating programs for scientific research and the distribution of computing power using Ether as the payment to provide incentive for the general populace to donate their computing power for research. I'm assuming this is a possibility within the realm of Ethereum. Or using it as a way to store personal medical records securely. Any feedback would be appreciated.


  • ctindallctindall Member Posts: 18
    It would probably be prohibitively expensive to store any significant amount of medical data on the block chain, though you could easily store basic information like your blood type, drug allergies, current medications, etc. There is already a proposal for a "distributed dropbox" in the Ethereum whitepaper, which encourages parties to store encrypted bits of your file by essentially running a lottery where they have a chance at winning a prize if they can prove that they have a particular bit of it. This could be useful for larger medical records, and using secret sharing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_sharing) you could set things up so that others can access them under certain conditions (i.e. you can access them, but no one else can, unless your wife and your doctor agree but you're unconcsious, or if your kids and your doctor agree, but not your wife).

    This is a great idea, and would be hugely preferable to the data being locked in proprietary databases in hospitals, insurance companies, or government departments.
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