Can I mine on my laptop's intel GPU?

ku2xusku2xus Member Posts: 1
lspci | grep "VGA" gives:

00:02.0 Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)

I've installed ethminer, but when I try I get
[OPENCL]:No OpenCL platforms found
No GPU device with sufficient memory was found.
Anything I can do? I just want to mine for the fun and would love to get me a block (am mining on my CPU at 0.2 MH/s - yisss!).

Any help appreciated.


  • sandedsanded Member Posts: 20
    It doesn't make sense. It's highly unlikely that you will find a block in a reasonable amount of time. The iGPU uses the normal DDR3 memory which makes it slow for mining even if it had much more flops. Ethash performance roughly scales with memory bandwidth. Plus, in concordance with the message, it doesn't seem to expose 2GB of memory.

    If you really want to start mining, buy a cheap, used desktop on ebay and a R9 280X + a sufficient PSU. Of course you can sell it after some time. If you're short on money but have some time, the prices on ebay have quite some variance.
  • geekhavengeekhaven Member Posts: 56
    I was mining on my intel and it just kept showing 0 mh. Im assuming youll have to install OpenCl for intel to get it working but as said by sanded, its likely not worth it. My GTX880M (mobile) only pulls 6 to7 mh
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