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Hi all

I don’t have a lot of free time and so I would really appreciate your advice about something. I am planning a project. It’s a browser extension which allows people to donate money into existence. You can see a prototype in action here

Before i can proceed with building a decentralised prototype, i need to know what can be done and how it can be done.

To start with, when someone clicks on a button i would like to create a coinbase transaction. Now, I’m guessing this can’t be done. So what other options are available to me? How do i control the rate of issuance from an app/toolbar? Can i do this using smart contracts or is there a better way?

P.S. I have posted about this before although i have since simplified it for the sake of getting something launched...



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    Hi @givemecredit.

    I suggest working through some of Ethereum's documentation to better familiarise yourself with its features and limitations.

    The best place to start would likely be the excellent Ethereum Frontier GitBook.

    It's also worth checking out the GitHub Wiki and DApps tutorial page.

    Simplifying the product has made it a whole lot more viable IMO. If you'd like some help meeting with developers and generally plugging yourself into the community drop me a line on Skype and I'll help you out (george.hallam).
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    Thanks @GeorgeHallam! I've taken the week off work in order to do some research into this. I'll spend some time reading through the GitBook. i've already been through the whitepaper and today i finally managed to install Alethzero. i had a crack at the DApps tutorial you posted. So far so good. i'm pretty sure it can do what i want it to do. Cheers ;)
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    Hello again @GeorgeHallam Any chance you could put me in touch with some developers? I am willing to pay for their time and i will write a detailed guide for them to work from.

    Below is an example of the sort of thing i am trying to achieve to start with...

    /* Click on the like button and send the contract */

    var numLikes = $('.numLikes').text();

    contract inactiveCreditsContract
    address msg.sender;
    string url = window.location.href;
    uint likes = numLikes;
    mapping (address => uint) inactiveCredits;
    inactiveCredits[msg.sender] += 1;

    And then, of course, i would like to retrieve and display the contract data.

    Alternatively, can someone give me some clear and up-to-date instructions on how to do this?
    BTW... The Dapps tutorial you sent me is out of date and the api calls are returning errors.

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