Future of the mining for the small guy?

mikkaaamikkaaa Member Posts: 34
So, a little over a day from the start and seems clear that the 'home miner' with a modern radeon card (or few of them), can't mine that many ethers per day. Is there any big changes planned on the technical road map for the mining?

Of course there is a point of supporting the network etc.. But sounds a little depressing to join a mining pool and get a 0.001 ether per day on your modern pc this early on the 'game'.


  • cryptoboycryptoboy Member Posts: 74
    I tried with 400MH/s for few hours and got 0 ETH. I wouldn't be surprised if people are really only mining using CPU and not even realizing it. Would be nice to have faucets at some point so the small guys can play with it.
  • mikkaaamikkaaa Member Posts: 34
    My 280x haven't produce yet a single block.

    But I experimented with several aws g2.8xlarge instances and mined multiple blocks. aws was a fun test, but way too expensive in the long run :)
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