Aside from all the technical stuff right, this is kind of big right... ?

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I'm not really wrong when saying that am I?

Kind of... kind of... kind of perhaps a bit big...

Big actually. Is the real word for it.

Isn't it?

Yeah I think it's safe to say it is...



What do we do now?

That's basically my biggest question. Really this isn't something to be rushed... This could have the potential to solve the biggest problem perhaps in human society... the trust problem.

I mean if it actually is trust that brough our economy to it's knees. It's trust that can really get us forward again can't it?

See the links?

But it's about the bigger picture. Who wants to talk about that?

Because we can try to use all of that stuff you're talking about here for cool apps.

But I hope somewhere that this could perhaps tackle real issues in our world.

Like pollution. I dunno...

It should have massive consequences. I hope this world will one day transform more into a business kind of thinking as well. It's not about earning huge amounts of money (business-wise then because money sucks anyway), it's about what's left of it after you've paid all your staff etc as well.

And in our world I mean by that efficiency.

In what we do. Not in what we earn.

What we do.

I can't really explain why. But I kind of had this hunch that perhaps... this could really change the world for the better.

Is it just me? Is anybody else seeing that as well?

I just attempted already to post a message about that but I accidentally clicked the tab away. Written message gone. I think. But...

Come on? Isn't it potentially a world-saver this?

Gone with selfishness, basically, is what I'm trying to say, isn't it?

Can't explain this to you really if you don't know what I'm talking about here..

There's all kinds of stuff coming together worldwide...

It's exiciting... but it's scary as well...

It's really weird.


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    Wanted to add a comment but I've edited it inside my first post now. Sorry. This post can be deleted. Doesn't háve to be though.

    Who agrees anyway with my first post?

    Could be me though. Perhaps I'm too confused about this...

    I think it's really a world-changer.

    Not necessarily only this ethereum thing. Because it all boils down to the bitcoin.

    Edit: (edited my message a couple of number of times because yeah. I still have difficulty to find words for these far-away thoughts inside my head coming together right now... Both of my posts by the way. Just saying so that the first couple of viewers don't get confused by me still kind of changing the last bits about my posts)
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    Yes, very very big. I try to explain these concepts (the blockchain, decentralized consensus, and digital scarcity) to non-technical friends all the time, needless to say, we now live in "the future".

    Did you see the movie Elysium? Yeah, with Ethereum, that algorithmic society emerging is only a matter of time. (That's a Good Thing by the way, unlike in the movie...)
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    Yeah basically.

    Like I found out about bitcoin fairly late. Like at first obviously I think just like most people they're like what is this. New monopoly money or something? Childish.

    It sounds really childish as well anyway so... couldn't help it.

    Then I read more about it in the news and thought well apparently it's really picking up though.

    Then I read like... just a scratch from what it was...

    And basically you all delve into this whole technical world full of what kinds of security this system has etc etc etc etc...

    But basically in my own simple thoughts I thought when I saw the word encryption:

    gold -> coins -> paper -> number on a pc or database

    Yeah I mean the crisis right?

    Banks were initially places where you could go to, to store your money. Safe from robbers. Well basically bankers basically appear to have become the bankrobbers now.

    I mean come on a money system in wich the only real people still appearing to earn money... are the people making the money themselves... ?

    That's a new kind of inflation. Nobody takes it seriously anymore if bankers are the only ones left profiting from the money-system. It's dumb. It's just a means of. Not a seperate entity of it's own.

    But banks were safety.

    And when I realised this was about encryption. I saw it as some kind of like bragging competition of wich... network or something like that I don't even know what to call it. It's not really like "wich person" anymore though...

    Wich kind of network has the best security... right?

    Immediately. Because if money is going to get transferred into just numbers on a pc. Wich it almost already is. Then it should be safeguarded somehow. And yeah.

    Then I tried to find out how to get bitcoins and got tangled up in all these dumb websites... and got put off again...

    I thought it doesn't matter. I don't have to make a personal victory here. If this is really true in like the way I think this is true... This is going to solve a lot of global problems. That's perhaps already more than enough for me so far...

    But there's all kinds of developments in the world coming together... almost...

    I've even read some stuff about some kind of theory of "singularity".

    Although I still view it as the same as thinking a core-meltdown in a nucleair plant is great for energy. Yeah it is. Definitely. You don't have a clue actually. That's only part of the truth. It's going to be more energy than you could ever handle... and that's not a good thing. But well.

    People stay people. And generally stay DUMB.

    But well. Can't do it alone. I can be smart but yeah I'm basically some kind of advanced conservative... politically seen... All good and well. But be carefull! Think in efficiency.

    But well anyway... uhm... there are a couple of things that still keep me worried. But anyway, it's a potential world-saver. This whole bitcoin stuff. And ethereum. I don't know. That one sentence...

    Just a couple of things... from the video... it's just uhm... Yeah I think you guys know what you're doing.

    But I will always keep the thought of bitcoin being the basis of things in the back of my mind...

    Because that's what I'm still in doubt about. Is bitcoin not good enough by itsself is my question really and I don't have to ask it here because you think it isn't. I'm not convinced yet.

    But yeah as long as you're not simply another copy trying to take over. Perhaps you're on to something really..
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    But in general I see it more in the bitcoin way. The money way.

    Because you can be all like doubtfull about bitcoin (other people, still) but you're also IN the "money" system. Wich is the worst basically.

    And I can link you to global problems here.

    They say China is a rapidly developing country.

    But people with money and economies all over the world are...

    I couldn't really believe what I was reading. I read somewhere that they are worrying that China won't make it to a (mass) consumption society like America has...

    I mean we thought Americans were bad (as a European). I can tell you that... If China gets into a mass consumption society the world is GONE!!! FOREVER!

    Ever seen one of those grasshopper plagues going over a beautifull ecological region? It's dead. It's completely destroyed in a matter of seconds. Basically. Perhaps not seconds. But minutes. VERY QUICKLY ANYWAY.

    But like China already has a lot of money. But yeah. That's why we need an alternative to the money as well.

    It's just not possible.

    Like, quite literally chinese people already eat like everything on our freaking planet. They see a medical value in every stupid thing. And the rarer, the better. It's awfull really...

    Seriously, it is. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

    Just that by itsself is more than enough for me to first of all be really worried, and then be really glad when a system like the bitcoin pops up.

    And you do with it what you please obviously if you think bitcoin is like the money thing and ethereum will become everything else...

    Perhaps I'm more enthusiastic about bitcoin itsself than ethereum. But it made sense. And seeing as your idea has come from enthusiasm about bitcoin itsself as well... why not?

    But bitcoin really should be integrated into this system and I hope ethereum...

    Well that won't work probably. If you're trying to reïnvent bitcoin then no at least not for me I think. Well whatever I'm out of here, goodbye!
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    Yes, Bitcoin is big. It blew the door open and there's no closing it again. Ethereum is building something in that space Bitcoin discovered.
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    I didn't read the whole thing (sorry) but it's indeed a huge deal. Having a financial system alternative backed by BTC rather than a pyramid of debt is in itself a game changer. I love what some people are currently thinking around developing economies, look at Tim Swanson and what he's proposing on this page.
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    One thing is for sure, it gives space to "applied" Philosophy at last ;)
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    It's strange being in a space where you know that something is big, but the details have barely been formed yet. Like steam engines, the printing press, the internet. It'd be interesting to have a space where wannabe futurists in this space could let their imaginations run wild and let the details emerge. :(|)
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    This idea of applied philosophy. I like it very much. You know what the best part is? It's applied voluntary philosophy. +1 upsidedown
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    this indeed sounds very promising. i will need to read a lot more upon this to even become a wannabe futurist concerning the technical abilities of this
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