Benchmark without genesis block

Cryptominer1Cryptominer1 Member Posts: 26
Hi everyone,

I just finished the configuration of my miner (ubuntu 15-04, running 3 280x). I'm trying to benchmark my setup, but I don't have the genesis block for olympics, there is any way to benchmark with eth without genesis block? There is any way to set the miner to use all GPU's or need to run a eth command per GPU?

This is what I got running eth -G -M

[OPENCL]:Found suitable OpenCL device [Tahiti] with 2893021184 bytes of GPU memory
Benchmarking on platform: GPU
Preparing DAG...
Warming up...
Trial 1... 0
Trial 2... 0
Trial 3... 0
Trial 4... 0
Trial 5... 0
min/mean/max: 0/0/0 H/s
inner mean: 0 H/s
Phoning home to find world ranking...

I know I started late, but I'm trying to catch up :D


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