Syncing/downloading the blockchain?

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I have been testing the geth client for a few days and not once it has been in sync with the chain (> admin.chainSyncStatus - currently 5h).

So, if I want to install a client it will take at least hours to make it fully operational? I have understood that you have to be in sync with the chain in order to mine, is the same true with handling transaction and contracts?

The amount of time needed to sync is relative to chain age? What will happen with new clients on the live-net in 3 years for example?


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    Those are legitimate concerns, which I share as well. Downloading the current block-chain can take several days (and possibly some manual restarts, if things get stuck).

    Nobody knows how quickly the "real" chain will grow. Presumably, it will be slower than the current test chain, since posting transaction to the live chain will cost real Ether, and the test chain has been subjected to intentional spamming for stress-test purposes. But the eventually the chain will grow to a size that will pose problems for download.

    My understanding is that at some point clients would be able to download large pieces of the chain bit-torrent style, and then only sync the last few blocks the normal way. But this poses trust issues, since the client would not verify each transaction, and just take the entire set of blocks "on faith".

    On the positive side, I believe that CPU speed is a big factor when downloading the block-chain (as the client is verifying millions of transactions). Thanks to Moore's law, time is working in our favor: each year, computers are getting faster and faster, and crunching through the block-chain should get easier and easier.

    Personally, I am wondering if new clients could download the chain from a bit-torrent-style network, and then spot-check various blocks by hashing them, and submitting the hashes to random Ethereum peers for verification.
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    I found out that the geth client can import/export the chain from a file. So, at least I can speed up the process when installing clients on new computers by exporting the chain to a USB stick and importing on a fresh install.

    But maintaining a personal backup of the chain is a far from a optimal solution. The client itself should have some speed-download option from a verified source.
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    could u upload the chain?
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