Funding and organising transdisciplinary research in the cryptocurrency space as a whole

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So many technical solutions are popping up, Ethereum being one. But how do they relate to eachother and how can they be made symbiotic with established societal institutions?

Thinking bout this I just had a cool idea that I would love some constructive feedback on.

Perhaps some contract application could be built that both catalogues, organizes and funds good research...

Best // Tim

Rural Institute for Transdisciplinary Research on Possibilities and Policy
Requirements for new Financial Infrastructure based on Cryptographic
Techniques (RITRPPRFICT) [ritter & perfect]

The institute organises research on the complex problem of developing new financial
solutions that enable sustainable development in both rural and urban
environments while at the same time creating stability and resilience on
domestic and international financial markets. These solutions are also
governance friendly in the sense that they negotiate respectfully with
the legal authorities in local, national and international policy
environments.The guiding values of the institute are autonomy, clarity,
mercifulness and pragmatism. The work of the center is inspired by other
organisations in the movement of transdisciplinary research and adheres
to the charter of transdisciplinarity from 1994.

Five domains of inquiry are defined in the following way:

1) Geography, institutions and other stake holders
The system here is the earth, the local communities, nation states, and the
national and transnational organisations that regulate financial
markets. The following institutions are initially identified as pivotal:
BIS, the national central banks, private banks, the legislative state
structure with the tax authorities and other govering bodies.

2) Current technical opportunities
With a situation of computers in a lot villages and homes - there is the
possibility to construct software through which private persons can take
some responsibility for supporting financial infrastructure and their
own processing of financial transaction and storage of monetary value.
Enabling technologies are protocols such as MaidSafe, Ripple, and
Bitcoin. With these technologies banks and private citizens can
collaborate in a system that promotes financial security and stability.

3) Software applications for a bank at home
The application will perform the three basic funtions of money: to store,
measure and enable purchusing things both online and in stores. It
contributes to financial stability through an automated portfolio
balancing strategy that is geared towards sustaining the stability on
currencies in the system as a whole. The application recieves data from
the outside world regarding value of products in different currencies as
well as changes in value of currencies in relation to eachother.

4) The transnational arena for financial transactions including currency speculation
From the perspective of the local, a global perspective is developed. Here
the questions concern international institutions such as the BIS and the
IMF and their relationships with nation states and local communities.
The impact of large speculative financial flows are considered and
issues of national debt and forreign aid are analyzed.

5) A fifth prism for analysis is the uban-rural perspective. Possibilities of
synergies between the pulsating cultural and manufacturing life of the
city and the beautiful and food producing environments of the
countryside are explored.


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