Address properties of Ether?

jl2fajl2fa Member Posts: 3
Bitcoin addresses have identifiable properties such as the pubhash key always starting with 1, bip32 public keys starting with xpub, etc.

What are some properties of Ether addresses? Thank you.


  • KenKKenK Member Posts: 44 admin
    There are none. Ether addresses are hashes of the public keys truncated to 20 bytes.

    With contracts able to act as name registries the importance of such things is not very high - you can link any unique string you want with your address.
  • linageelinagee Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    20 bytes represented in hex. Typically starting with 0x because it's hex. (But that wouldn't be any kind of requirement.)
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