How to serve blockchain to GPU rig from another computer?

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Hey everyone!

I might be getting a little rig (Two R9 280x's on a diskless computer with 8 GB RAM), and I might not be able to get a disk drive right away. My plan is to boot the rig off of a ubuntu flash drive, and connect the rig over ethernet to another linux machine that has access to the Ethereum network. My question is, how would I go about serving the blockchain from the linux machine to the rig over ethernet? Would there be any sort of performance latency associated with the setup - Downloading the chain from one computer, then accessing it again over ethernet back and forth? Thanks for any help you can give me :smile:


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    You'd run ethminer from cpp-ethereum distribution on the rig and configure it to issue workload requests to your geth node. By default each instance of ethminer polls geth every 500ms for new work. This recheck interval is configurable on the ethminer command line and yes it can cause network latency issues depending on your environment and setup. In the ideal world, a knowledgeable geth would poke the knowledge-seeking ethminers when there's new work instead of the current inefficient implementation, but we don't live in the ideal world, not yet at least. ;-)
  • jzenjzen Member Posts: 49
    @roz303 Furthermore, you'd need to configure geth to allow connections via rpc, a geth commandline option.
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