whisper message latency and reliability

mjmmjm Member Posts: 4
I'm working on a P2P game framework that uses Ethereum contracts and accounts for certain aspects of the system. I'm trying to evaluate whether Whisper is a good choice for some of the communication needs. I've read the docs below but it's not clear what kind of latency and reliability I can expect. Here are some of the uses I have in mind:
  • Finding other players who are playing the same game (like the lobby in a traditional game site) and advertising that I am interested in playing also. It's okay if this process takes 5-10 seconds, and it's okay if ~10% of messages are not delivered: I'll still have a pretty good picture of who is playing what and most other players will learn of my presence also.
  • Starting a long-lived game session, as for example when four players sit down to play Bridge. It's okay if this takes 5-10 seconds as well, but now it's important that the messages are delivered reliably, since a dropped message probably means a failure to convene the game.
  • Ongoing play within the game, with messages for player actions and game state transitions. Here the user experience will be degraded if messages typically take more than a fraction of a second, and some kind of ack/resend logic would be needed if the delivery is unreliable.
Do any or all of these use cases seem like good matches for Whisper?



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