Expected Frontier launch?

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I have visited this site about once a month and the project seems really interesting. Though, I found difficult parse out from the site and forum what's the current status of the expected launch. I guess the Frontier release is the one I'm interested since it should be the first release where you can play with the real ether. https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/milestones says it 99% done - meaning what schedule wise?

So, how about putting a large section on your main web page - 'Expected release in September week 2', or something like that. People like me, won't want to miss the launch, but may not want to follow the dev process on daily basis.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

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    Any bugs that are known are being worked on. Bugs that are unknown are still being looked for. The devs know that there exists bugs that they do not know about. They are unable to give a timetable for bugs of an as yet unknown nature. So... 2 weeks?
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    uhm, like 2 weeks eta to find those pesky unknown bugs & then figuring them out and then have a decent eta on when bug will be sorted... much RESPECT to the ethereum devs and will be here using ether and ethernet when it's ALIVE :)
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    Updated title of the post. I'll allow one thread on the topic :)

    The answer to your question is 'when it's done' - not the answer you wanted, but the reality is that there won't be a countdown, and there won't be a specific launch date announced, because it's simply not possible to provide either.

    What we know is this:
    - We're very happy with the way Olympic took shape, so much so that many of the Frontier gotchas (chain reset at Homestead, 10% mining rewards, checkpointing) were deemed unnecessary.
    - 8 days ago we entered feature freeze. Meaning we are focusing exclusively on fixing bugs in the Geth codebase right now, we're not adding new features anymore.
    - Our plan is to continue determining whether we need to merge PRs and extend, based on priorities and regression testing results. You can see a list of said PRs at https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/pulls

    I won't hazard even a personal a guess - it will be done 'when it's done'. In parallel, remember that we also have a lot of admin processes to deal with: insuring we have a strategy to recover from forks, a well rounded helpdesk, etc. The dev team is working flat out.

    In terms of what you can expect regarding announcements going forward:
    - Once we are happy that Frontier is 'done' and that the aforementioned processes are in place, we'll publish a blog post explaining the next steps. We still won't give a date, but at that points miners will want to be sure to be ready.
    - There will be a cool down period of a few extra days to make triple sure everything is OK...
    - And we'll Go Live. We probably will release a new website a few hours after the Go Live.

    Note that we're very likely to start with a very low Gas limit per block, in order to slowly grow the network. This means it won't be able to carry transactions for the first few days (think of it as miner's 'break in' period). This is going to be a very slowly ramped up, very technical launch, exactly as Frontier was designed to be.
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    Well explained Stephan, we all share the enthusiasm to launch sooner than latter, but we also understand how important it is that the product is tested and finalized before the launch - when ever that will occur.

    Keep up the good spirit and I wish you much joy in your work.
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    Thanks for all the great work so far! And thanks for putting quality at the top of the priority list!

    By "feature freeze", I imagine that what we have seen so far in terms of block-chain size is more or less what we're going to get with Frontier. Has anyone tried to project different scenarios with varying adoption rates and usage intensity, and what kind of block-chain sizes these would translate into after 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc?

    Or to turn the question on its head, given existing hardware and historical rates of improvement (HD capacity, CPU power, etc.), what is Frontier's expected capacity?
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    Quality and Security are definitely our number one priorities.

    The blockchain size of the Frontier blockchain will likely remain a whole lot smaller than the test net for a much longer period of time. Remember, we stress-tested the hell out of the olympic testnet to make sure we could handle high intensity loads - which massively bloated the blockchain.

    On Frontier, the real economic cost of transactions will mean that it's going to grow at a much slower rate.

    Vitalik also has plenty of ideas in the works to hugely reduce the size of the blockchain. One of them is called "State Tree Pruning", which he has demonstrated on Pythereum. The results were pretty spectacular,

    "Pyethereum state tree pruning synced up to block 300000, only 59.5 MB state db" - "so pyeth is within 2x of the optimum." (For comparison, the current testnet is at 900000 and is around 30+GB...)

    In terms of capacity, the olympic testnet demonstrated up to 21 tx per second, but with the moving gas rate that could theoretically be extended.
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