Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ OC 8GB (11260-01-20G) modded BIOS 29+MH + downvolt



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    I have modded my RX 480 Sapphire Nitro+ OC 8GB (11260-01-20G) with the V4 ROM and get a strange response when running the latest Claymore.

    The machine has just 1x RX480 and was running 24mh/s on stock settings, and will reach 28mh/s with the mod.. but its short lived. The rig won't stay running for an hour, and occasionally the hash rate will reduce to 0 before the machine turns itself off. The card is not being undervolted - I have literally just updated the bios on the silent position. I'm using Crimson 16.9.2 beta for my driver. Mobo msi z710a gaming pro carbon with no bios mods. Power draw at the wall while running just one card was 180w. I had modified the fan profile in Trixx to 60% at 50-55oC as I was worried about over heating.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I have read on this thread that I may need to;
    1) Undervolt;
    2) Adjust bios timings
    3) sort out a heat issue

    But I don't know where to start. Any guidance is hugely appreciated!

    For anyone with a similar problem I seem to have found a solution - removed crimson 16.9.2 beta driver, and installed crimson 16.9.1 and patched it (had not done this before). RX480 is now running consistently at 28.5mh/s temp 52oC, fan 65%.
    Crashed after 2 hours.. fml
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    bitbtcm said:

    tools and mod RX480 Nitro+ 8GBSamsung 31+Mhs

    Bad solution to set memclock to 2200 MHz in ROM.
    Very few cards can easily run 2200 MHz memclk, in most cases it needs to use 2150-2175 range.

    Commonly, when you try to set (with MSI AB or something else) memclk lower than it set in ROM - you'll have sudden GPU hangs wit that card.
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