6 x giga g1 gaming rx480 4G windows 10 error code 43

jukicojukico Member Posts: 5
I have a rig with 6x giga g1 gaming rx480 4G, but it only 22MH/s per each.
So I flashed them with WIN-RX480-31.25-Boysie-v2.rom, but seem it not work.
After flashed, windows can logged in but the screen keep breaking, same like 3 card output to a display at sametime.
And windows keep show error code 43 in Device Manager.

I also tried below way but still NG.
1. Use DDU in safe mode, then re-install AMD driver -> NG
2. Release all card from MOBO and stick 1 to PCIx16, then re-install driver -> NG

Anyone can help me please.


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