Ethereum Authorization/Authentication

Hi All,

Lately I've been thinking about how to integrate Ethereum with other non-Ethereum systems.
Would it be a bad idea to import and Ethereum keypair into an external (mobile/desktop) application,
which could be used to verify one's Ethereum identity/conduct transactions?

Users would authenticate by using one's private key in response to a generated random challenge (decrypt or sign it),
or use the embedded private key to sign Ethereum transactions and send them to some external system.

Would that be in line with the spirit and the general idea of Ethereum?

Thank you in advance for all your feedback!


  • gaetanocaruanagaetanocaruana Member Posts: 28
    yes that is exactly how to do it. Each user must have a wallet associated to it which is basically their entry to the ethereum world :)

    If you need any help I can help you. I have worked on several ethereum projects.
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