Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ 4 Gig Please Help!

MunkaMunka Member Posts: 1
Hi..I have looked in confusion at all the different listings here so please excuse me if I am on the wrong heading...I am a seventy year old who is keen on computers and have recently upgraded...everything works fine its just that my existing graphics card (an xfx HD 6950) has two 6 pin power new one has an eight pin single far I have two different adapters in the post on the way to a six pin pcie to 8 pin pcie....and the othere is a double six pin (what I have now) to 8 pin pcie ...I have just noticed that the pictures of the adapter leads seem to have a plastic bridge on two pins on the top row of the 8 pin plugs? I dont think they will fit when they arrive?...I am completely baffled as to why this card sitting on my desk (for 10 days now)and unused seems to have an eight pin socket that I cant find the plug to?..can anyone help this stupid old man?
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