one of my RX480 can't configure clock/memory speed in Wattman

ubeyouubeyou Member Posts: 7
Hi, I have a rig with 6 480, all running fine, but one of it can't configure the memory speed & It stucked at 4MHs. Others all running fine with 26MHs.

Any idea what is happening? I tried restart & update to the latest AMD driver, to no avail.


  • jame35jame35 Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2016
    this is the way i fix it
    1.uninstrall driver
    2.remove all of the cards
    3.install only 1 card in your computer
    4.connect monitor with that card
    5.install driver
    6.shutdown and install 2sd card in your computer
    7.connect monitor with that 2sd card your computer and check you can configure both of card
    9.shutdown and install 3rd card in yout computer (6.)-(8.) untill all of the cards can configure
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