Trying to figure out best RIO/stable rig to add to my collection

bctopicsbctopics Member Posts: 333 ✭✭
So I'm looking to add a couple rigs to my collection, Right now I have a rig with a 1300 supernova psu and 4 390's priced at $1450 for everything (case, psu, cpu, ram, mobo, gpus, risers ect.)

Can any of you think of anything cheaper or better bang for the buck? Trying to add as much MH/s for the least amount of money BUT without a pain, Don't want to buy 200, 7970's if you know what i mean ;).

Anyway please for the sake of everyone's sanity don't tell me to spend it all on eth, I'm asking about building rigs not trading advice :).



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